Foundry / Permanent Mold Facility

The Niland Company has been pouring ferrous and non-ferrous metals in our facilities on the US and Mexican border for over 45 years.   We have the ability to pour aluminum, bronze, grey / ductile iron, and carbon / low alloy steel as well as high alloy steel. In addition to our sand casting foundry our state of the art permanent mold and gravity cast facility located in the US is ideally suited to handle your high volume production parts. Castings produced in permanent molds have better dimensional uniformity and a smooth surface finish. This is achieved right out of the mold thus creating potential savings opportunities through reduced machining costs.   Some parts can be cast in as little as 4 minutes per cycle through automated robotic ladeling. Our furnaces can melt up to 4000 pounds per hour. Let Niland help solve your casting production problems.